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Coffee Consensus

k-cups rackCoffee is one of those amazing consumable products for which the general public opinion tends to sway drastically over time between being hailed as a great benefactor to human health and yet another contributor to the poor overall well-being of our society. With so much controversy and confusion of information being poured down your throat, how is one expected to determine if that energy infused cup of dark liquid is going to help or harm you when you get out of bed or just before suiting up to do battle with yourself in the gym? You can only take what reliable research and statistics are available and make your best decision. So let us dive a little deeper into the consensus on coffee.

Introducing The Nutrition Calculator (and limited time contest)

personal protein cheesecake cloaseYou have undoubtedly heard the phrase “ABs are made in the kitchen”. This phrase attempts to highlight the importance of nutritional influence on our bodies composition. When it comes to getting in shape, it is without question that you cannot exercise away poor nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your health improvement journey or have been hitting the gym religiously for years, getting a grasp on your nutritional requirements is monumental to really seeing results. For some time now I have made myself available to help others in the form of nutrition coaching. However with other demands in life, my time has become drastically limited and I was forced to come up with an alternate solution to continue to help others with the information I have learned through my own experience combined with the experiences of others. Behold the birth of the Nutrition Calculator! While use of the calculator comes at a mild expense, I have decided to give away 5 free full day access passes to celebrate its creation and help 5 lucky individuals with their health goals.

What September 11 Means to Me

September 11 is a date that means something to almost everyone. For me, this day has a great deal of meanings and connections. For most in the United States, and I would imagine all over the world, September 11 is a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives in 2001 during the tragic events that took place. This is one of those memories for me personally when I can remember exactly what I was doing at the moment I found out, how I felt, who I was with and more details than most other memories compiled in my head. September 11 also happens to be my birthday, and for me, today is not just any birthday but it is a milestone one. Today I leave my 20s in the past and begin life as a 30 year old. Age itself really does not mean much to me. I did not fear 30 and I do not feel much different now than I did at 22. Sure I was in a drastically different place in life and now have extremely different goals but mentally I am just about the same.

No Bake, Protein Mounds/Almond Joy Bites

protein almond joy rowsWalking through the check out counter of the grocery store, it is not only the little kids that get excited about the strategically placed eye level candy selection that you are forced to stare at while waiting behind the lady with an envelope full of coupons searching for one to save 17 cents on mouthwash. Instead of salivating over the thought of tearing open that bright colored wrapper right in line like a ravenous best, or feeling shamed and guilty about your spontaneous uncontrollable  indulgence while “working it off” for an extra 30 minutes on the elliptical machine afterwards, try this instead. Excuse yourself out of line (don’t worry, it will still be just as long when you get back) and venture back out into the store to grab a few ingredients and within 5 minutes of walking in the front door of your house, you can be in taste bud heaven and not feeling bad about it at all.