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Future Fitness Freak Coming Soon

average fitness freak baby announcementHey everyone! You do not hear from the girl version too often but here I am. The past couple months have been very hard fitness wise for me. The reason for this is because AVERAGEFITNESSFREAK IS PREGNANT! I am sure there are pregnant fitness ladies out there, or fitness men that are standing beside their pregnant ladies. Let me start off with this: Before I was pregnant I thought “When I am pregnant I will continue to work out 2 hours a day 5 days a week and eat super crazy healthy (just like usual).” That is a laugh now. Some days I am beyond tired or just plain feel like I am going to be sick to my stomach, just waking up let alone pushing my limits in the gym.

Bodybuilder: Permanently a Work in Progress

2014 jason bulk front august 1It has been three months since I last stepped on stage to compete as a bodybuilder. In these 12 weeks I have gained 12 pounds. This was no accident, it was not me falling off the wagon or forgetting my nutrition planning. It has been a calculated effort to improve my body. Bodybuilding is a sport (ok sure, that may be an arguable point) and an art that is a life commitment. Bodybuilders don’t talk much in terms of next show but rather next year and that is because our canvas, our bodies are built and modified slowly and painfully over a lifetime.

Why You Too Should Love Egg Whites

liquid egg whitesEgg whites are part of my day … everyday! I am a creature of habit and look forward to my bland breakfast of oats and egg whites, along with something else like peanut butter or fruit. Even when I am trying to put on weight, I prefer egg whites to whole eggs, simply due to quantity of food for the calories consumed. However the 17 calories per egg white compared to the 70 calories in a whole egg is not the entire reason why egg whites are awesome, they have plenty of other beneficial qualities.

Bodybuilding Competition: The Routine

jason bodybuilding back double bicepsThe routine or the “show” portion of a bodybuilding event often has mixed feelings amongst competitors. Some love it, others consider it a necessary evil. This is the part of the day in which the promoter makes money from the audience. This is why many spectators pay money to come and watch bodybuilders. However the routine portion of the show typically happens AFTER the judging decisions have already been made. Prejudging is the morning portion of the show in which competitors are placed side by side and compared while performing the exact same poses. The show portion of the even is more of just that – a show for the audience. Just because you more than likely have already been ranked among your competitors does not mean that you should just forget it and put no effort at all into your routine – as I said before, this is where the promoter makes the money and if you want to continue to compete in local shows, you want the promoter to put on a good one. Your routine should look natural and in order to do this, you need to practice.