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Calves Like a Donkey

Smith Machine Donkey Calf Raises

So you want to target your calves and avoid having bird legs but you are tired of standing and seated calf raises? Introducing the donkey calf raise! Some of use are lucky and our gym has a machine dedicated to this exercise, others have a willing partner and are secure in who we are and can perform them traditionally (partner straddles you at the hips and acts as the weight) for the rest of us – do them on the smith machine!

Adjust the stops of the smith machine so that the bar at resting height is just below your hips. Utilize plates or a platform to get greater depth in the movement and a shoulder pad to prevent the bar from digging into your lower back. Position standing in front of the bar, position your feet hanging off the edge of the platform, scoot your butt under the bar and press away!

This is a great way to use significant weight and hit those typically difficult to grow calves in a way they are not used to being worked.

Sure you may get funny looks while you’re doing it, but I am sure you will get plenty of compliments when your calves are nice and sculpted.

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